A while ago, I made a reproduction cart of Energy Breaker using the then recently released fan translation by Disnesquick. I wanted to have a profesionnal looking label printed for a North American SNES cart shell but nothing was available at that time so I made my own. I figured it could be useful to others so here it is. Great care was given to make it as high-res and profesionnal looking as possible which wasn't so easy considering what I had to work with (mostly old scan of japanese magazine's ads). Let me know if you use it or what you think of it! I would have wanted to show how it looked once applied to a cart but i seem to have forgot to take a picture of it.

Energy Breaker SNES Label

Be careful and make sure to properly line up the center of the purple line where the label fold to the top of the cart so the part where the front picture cut won't show up on the top of the cart.

And for those who would like to try the game, you can find the latest translation patch at http://eb.yuudachi.net/. I haven't played  the game much yet, but it's a really great looking game released in an era where 16-bits Japanese RPG where at their peak on the Super Nintendo. The fan translation patch also appear to be very polished and feel like a professionnaly made translation.