My name is Vincent and I live in MontrĂ©al, Canada. Ever since I was a kid, I was interested in learning about everything surrounding me. Electronic, plants, animals, languages etc... everything was fair game as long as it sounded interesting! But my interest with electronics started when I was around eight and decided I would build a time machine with spare parts I would find laying around! I never got around to finishing it but it led to me dissasembling stuff and pay more attention to how thing worked. I have been doing electronic as an hobby since I was about 14, when I decided that I would install a mod-chip in my Playstation by myself with no prior knowledge or soldering experience. So I read about it for a week, went to the nearest radio-shack, bought myself one of those crappy soldering iron that are way too powerful for electronic work  along a roll of solder and never looked back! The internet always provided me with all the informations I could digest and this humble website is my way of paying back some. Another one of my big inspiration and reason I got more interested in electronic and specially video game related project was a site by a german guy called Reiner Zielger (https://reinerziegler.de.mirrors.gg8.se/). I got completly fascinated by his site, his numerous projects on building custom Game Boy flash carts and custom hardware to read and write Game Boy Cartridge. I studied it and dreamt for a long time to make some of my own! Of course, I built many NES and Sega Genesis EPROM carts since thoses days but I never forgot his website and go back visit his site every once in a while just to make sure it is still up!

I decided to create this web site for 2 reasons. The first one is that I wanted to start keeping some kind of a build log to use as reference for the future. I have a very disorganized way of working when it come to my small electronic project . I have this tendency of planning my projects mostly in my head with very little note taking and it can sometime create problem down the line if I ever need to revisit something I did either to fix/add something or do it another time. My process usually involve snapping a picture of a component pin-out with my phone or scribbling cryptic note on the back of a receipt. While those notes and quick snapshot are very intuitive to me while I'm actually working on these projects, it tend to make very little sense later on when I need to revisit something I did a few month back.  The second reason is that I have been using the internet as a resource since around 1998 and I learned so much by looking at small web site like this one. I hope that my humble page might inspire or help others users to try some of the modification found on my site just like those pages did for me. I am also not too fond of the new trend of posting every tutorial as video on YouTube backed with random pop music. I miss the time when information were nicely laid out on a static page with pictures and text for explanation. And while there is still many peoples that post information online, I find that most of it are now shared on message board. While this is good because it might reaches more peoples, I find that it sometime get incredibly hard to find something that you saw before once it get buried in a 60 pages thread. The information end up getting almost lost in those cases as more peoples start new threads about the same questions. It is also not uncommon for someone to re-ask the same thing that was already answered in the exact same thread. Then your chance of actually stumbling on the particular information you are looking for get much slimmer. I might also post other random stuff that won't necessarily be tutorial as long as I think it might be useful to someone but it will mostly be a place where I will document my electronic en devour.