Here you will find various things that may be useful but don't warrant having their own pages:

Auto Rom Sorting script (v3) Rom sorting script I made to save time. There is 2 batch file, the first one will put all your ROM in alphabetized folder and the other will sort them by Region. You can use the region script and then the Alphabetize script after. It should work with pretty much any ROM or files.
Everdrive_N8_Compatibility list (OS V15)
Compatibility list for the Everdrive N8 flash cart
Fantasy Zone Sunsoft-1 to UNROM mapper patch Quick IPS patch to change the mapper used by the japanese famicom game Fantasy Zone from Sunsoft-1 (iNES mapper #093) Unrom (iNES mapper #02)
No-Intro NES Header Fix (updated_04-04-2013) Patch I made to fix various NES dumps from the No-Intro set that have incorrect or missing header preventing them to run properly on some flash carts or emulator

Super Wild Card DX2 FAQ (PDF)

Super Wild Card DX2 FAQ (old text edition)

An information document I wrote and released in 2000 when I was a teenager. It's about Super Wild Card DX2 SNES backup unit and also include general information about SNES ROM and co-processor chips.

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